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Street Address: Guangzong county

City: Xingtai

Province/State: Hebei

Country: China

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Business Details: NA

Business Type: NA

Keywords: bicycle pump,children bicycle, steel ball, chainwheel & crank, chain, pedal, saddle, brake cable, spoke, axle

Office Location: Hebei

bicycle pump spares
  • Model No: IKIAS
  • Category: Bicycle Spares Parts and Accessories
  • Keywords: bicycle pump,bicycle pumps,bicycle tire pump,bicycle tire pumps,bicycle air pump,bicycle air pump,hand tire pump,tire pump,air pump,hand air pump,bicycle inflator,bicycle inflating pump,hand inflator,hand inflating pump,bike pump,bike pumps,bike tire pump,bike air pump,bicycle pump spares,bicycle pump nozzle,bicycle pump football pin,bicycle pump piston,bicycle pump handle,bicycle pump connection,football pin,piston,handles
  • Manufacturer Name: Guangzong IKIA Bicycles Factory
  • Packing size:
  • Price: NA


Handle Material Plastic, Wooden are optional Shape Long type with or without Finger, Round Flower-shaped are optional Screw With or without Color White, Black are optional Air Belt Black Polyurethane Nozzle UK type, USA type, UK-USA set, Multi-functional are optional Bottom Iron, Plastic are optional Football pin Iron, Plastic are optional