Gemkolabwell Dissecting Microscope Round Base and 2 Eye-Piece
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  • Other Details: Microscope with round base is designed for greater stability. Approx. weight- 1200 grams. Focusable by rack and pinion. Having joint revolving arm for moving the magnifying lens over the stage allowing the whole stage are to be scanned.


Technical Specification- Body: Round base with precisely designed body. Material: Metal. Stage: 80 x 70 mm with Glass plate. Focusing: Coarse type focusing done by rack and pinion arrangement. Illumination: Reflector Mirror to work with external light source fitted in fork for light reflection. Eyepiece: 10x & 20x. Clips: Specially spring loaded stage clips along with stage to hold specimen. Optics: Highly polished made out of optical glass. Warranty: 2 Year warranty against any manufacturing defect. G.S . INSTRUMENTS INDUSTRIES is a Reputed ,Trusted Manufacturer and Exporter of Good Quality LABORATORY MICROSCOPE & MORE EQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES. since 1980 with Timely deliveries and Moderate Prices. Our complete range is given on Kindly send us your requirements AMARJIT SINGH G.S INSTRUMENTS INDUSTRIES Tel: +91-171-2652128 Fax +91-171-2652128 Mobile +9896150991,9896185291 emails: