Dissecting Microscope
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  • Other Details: Microscope with round base is designed for greater stability. Approx. weight- 1200 grams. Focusable by rack and pinion. Having joint revolving arm for moving the magnifying lens over the stage allowing the whole stage are to be scanned.


G.S.INSTRUMENTS INDUSTRIES AS BEING AFFILIATED TO GEMKOLABWELL MAKES BEST SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENTS . Technical Specification- Body: Round base with precisely designed body. Material: Metal. Stage: 80 x 70 mm with Glass plate. Focusing: Coarse type focusing done by rack and pinion arrangement. Illumination: Reflector Mirror to work with external light source fitted in fork for light reflection. Eyepiece: 10x & 20x. Clips: Specially spring loaded stage clips along with stage to hold specimen. Optics: Highly polished made out of optical glass. Warranty: 2 Year warranty against any manufacturing defect.