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G.S INSTRUMENTS INDUSTRIES Product Highlights Sturdy Metal body with all glass optics. Complimentary Pack of 50 Slides-1-1.2mm, 75x26mm & Cover Slips. Based Power Supply ie compatiable for wide Voltage range from 100V to 220 Volts. Ergonomic design with CLARITY optics. Eight Magnification configurations: 40X, 60X, 100X, 150X, 400X, 600X, 1000X, 1500X. High Quality CLARITY Glass optics with Anti-fungus, Anti reflection coating. All objectives are perfectly para-focused with no image shift thus reproducing Sharp and Clear Images. Professional brand new microscope, used by Doctors, Pathologists, Vets, Students, Researchers. High Quallity Quadruple nosepiece with positive click stops. Movable Abbe Condenser 1.25NA, adjustable iris diaphragm. Slide and Objective protection via upward stage stopper. Dual Side focusing controls. Coarse and fine focusing controls for precise focusing of the specimen. LED Illumination standard (Halogen illumination on request) Quality Tested, Body parts made of Aluminium & solid brass for rugged durability. Technical Specifications Observation head Binocular observation head inclined at 45¡, rotateable through 360¡, interpupilary distance adjustment ring 54-74mm, dioptric adjustment ring on the left having adjustable dioptric scale. Main body All parts die casted to provide long life & good mechanical strength. Focussing Precise and Separate coarse and fine focusing controls with ergonomically placed knobs on both directions. Magnification Configurations: 40X, 60X, 100X, 150X, 400X, 600X, 1000X, 1500X Eyepiece Wide field 10x pairs Objectives Din objectives 4x, 10x, 40/45x s. L. 100x oil immersion (s. L. ). Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece revolves on ball bearing. Mechanical stage Co-axial low positioned mechanical x-y stage of size 140 x 140mm with stage fine vernier graduation. Condenser Abbe condenser n. A. 1. 25 having aspherical lens, adjustable iris diaphragm. Illumination In built white bright LED Illumination with SMPS based power supply 100-220V