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Street Address: Chandikhol

City: Bhubaneswar

Province/State: Orissa

Country: India

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Business Details: Universal Hygiene & Care is a manufacturing unit of home cleaning products which has been established on 2nd October with an aim and endeavour to provide best quality of hygiene care products to the user in a very cheaper cost so as to facilitate the users to actually use them sufficiently for better cleaniness at all places. Swachh Bharat is our motto..

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Liquid Detergent,Phenyl,Floor Cleaner,Multi surface cleaner,Toilet Cleaner,Glass cleaner,Carwash shampoo, Dishwash gel,Handwash gel, Dash borad Polish,Pitamberi

Office Location: Orissa

Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Lead Id: 1
  • Category: Housekeeping Cleaning And Maintenance Services
  • Keywords: Disinfectant Floor cleaner
  • Other Details: available in raw material / concentrated form, can be diluted at home to reduce transport hassales


Our Multi Surface Cleaner is very effective against germs. It keeps your floor, bathroom and Kitchen Surface clean and hygienic. It is very cheap in comparison to other brand, wherein You will find such quality Cleaners not less than Rs 150/- per Ltr where as our bulk cost is only Rs 50/- ltr ...