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Street Address: SF NO.513/A6, Bharathi Road, Chinnavedampatty Post

City: Coimbatore

Province/State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

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Business Details: Manufacturing Air pollution control equipment like ESP, Bag houses and Pneumatic conveying systems and other material handling valves

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Electrostatic precipitator, ESP, Bag house, bag filter, Pneumatic conveying system, Ash handling system, Collecting electrode, Emitting electrode, DCV, RAV

Office Location: Tamil Nadu

ESP for Boiler
  • Lead Id: UNI/01
  • Category: Power and Energy
  • Keywords: ESP for Boiler, ESP,
  • Other Details: Applications Power Plants - Boilers and Heaters, *Other Industries *Other Industry — Cement: Kiln, Mills, Cooler; Iron & Steel: Sintering, Pelletization, Sponge Iron Kiln, Cast House, Stock House; Biomass fired boilers; Waste to Energy plants; Pulp &


Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) UNICON has a credential record of success in designing, engineering, fabricating, supplying, erection and commissioning of electrostatic precipitator (ESP). Lower emission Designed to reduce the emission rate to as below as 10 mg/Nm3 emissions. Easy maintenance The electrode system is so designed that approach to any level is possible for inspection and maintenance. Engineered for longevity High performing and long lasting electrostatic precipitator with a lower cost modules Other Special features of our ESP(s) Proven Particulate Matter Removal <10mg/Nm3 High Availability Low Maintenance Reduced breakdown Most Economical Design Lower Operating Cost Optimum Performance under Varying Load Conditions Our ESP design will incorporate CFD for even distribution of gas inside ESP to ensure the complete utilization of collecting area. Spiral/Rigid Electrodes with Tumbling Rapping System. We offer Spiral/Rigid Emitting Electrodes to ensure the proper Corona generation inside the ESP for better collection efficiency. Individual Collecting electrodes are suspended from top to form a curtain. This also ensures that the Collecting system is not bulky and thus ensures good rapping characteristics. Unicon have supplied more than 250 numbers of ESP for Boiler. By the years, Unicon had accured expertise in installing ESP for Boiler which are using fuels like Coal, Bagasse, Spent wash, Slop, Pet Cock, Rice Husk, Rice Straw, Wood Chips, Saw Dust, etc,.