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AIRTEL - NSIC Enabling MSMEs for Digital Transformation


Airtel and The National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC) is committed to create an enabling environment to promote, aid and foster the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country.

We aim to make it easier for millions of small and medium businesses get access to Airtel's Connectivity, Conferencing, Cloud, Security, and Go-to-Market solutions for enabling MSMEs to scale up faster by ways of adopting digital ways of doing business.

Data Connectivity Options for MSMEs


We are here to make your network efficient, scalable and reliable with our MPLS solutions. We offer end-to-end comprehensive solutions for network connectivity, thus giving you flexibility through customised solutions and increased coverage. MPLS solutions portfolio MPLS - Layer 2, Layer 3.

Private & Secure 1:1 dedicated connectivity for Multiple Offices:

Bandwidth:-1mbps -1 Gbps


ILL - Internet Lease Line MPLS LINE

We delivers enterprise-grade, high-speed connectivity services to help you maintain consistent performance, security and reliability across your sites. The solution use cost-effective, reliable connections to help you seamlessly access the high bandwidth applications and enable contention free network access across every corner of India. All this is backed by our decades of experience, state-of-the art network operation center (NOC) and round the clock support.

1:1 Dedicated Bandwidth:

Bandwidth:- 2mbps - 1Gbps

Corporate Broadband - DSL

Use Airtel internet, a solution that transforms your daily business broadband connection experience with high-speed, reliable internet access across multiple devices. With Airtel fibernet technology, you get a fully-dedicated Fiber optic cable, along with professional-grade Wi-Fi router modem, that can help you seamlessly connect office premises and employees home office set-up quickly across India.

High Speed Enterprise Broadband:

Bandwidth:- upto 1 Gbps

4G Hotspots

The Airtel 4G Hotspot lets you create your own Wi-Fi network anywhere and connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Whether it is friends or family, you can share 4G internet with everyone around you on multiple devices in a simple and easy manner.

Wireless Broadband Priority 4G with 50 GB data :

Complementary G-Suite

Voice Connectivity Options for MSMEs

PRI Lines:

Airtel PRI solution is an end-to-end digital connection facilitating concurrent transmission of voice as well as data traffic over a dedicated line. It comes with 30 voice channels on a single link, offering your business the capability of upscaling and the flexibility for using multiple channels at the same time. Each channel can be configured as incoming, outgoing, or two-way communication. Airtel PRI voice solution can cater to your business, no matter how big or small it is. Airtels PRI solution is offered over TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) as well as SIP (Session Initiated Protocol).

SIP & TDM - PRI end-to-end digital Voice connection for Corporates/office

Min -30 Channels to N number

Corporate Mobile Plans

We provides exclusive plans to corporates which are bundled with benefits exclusively designed as per the business needs like G-Suite, Tracking, Call Manager etc. The exclusive benefits include comprehensive outdoor coverage which covers nearly 450k 4G sites deployed by the telco giant with unmatched spectrum depth.

Superfast 4G COCP

A Special Bundle with G-Suite , Tracking, Call manager


Airtel Business DTFS is available in in two flavours - toll free and partial toll free (nominal local call charges for the end users). For a global helpline across all time zones, Airtel Business offers an International Toll Free Services (ITFS). Helpline executives can attend to a workforce in the local language. Airtel ITFS has in-country operations in 19 countries and provide in-bound and outbound services to more than 100 countries.

Domestic & International Toll Free Number

Point of contact for customers, partners, and dealers

Airtel IQ & Marketing Solutions for Growing MSME Business

Bulk SMS

Airtels Enterprise Messaging Manager (EMM) is a web based interface for enterprises to rapidly launch content using push-based services. Ensuring scalability, performance and reliability, Airtels enterprise messaging solutions lets you carry forward Content Personalization, send targeted messages and plan Message Scheduling.

Bulk SMS services for promotion campaign/Transactional Info

Out Bound Calling

Airtel IQ is a cloud communication suite that offers a set of programmatic building blocks which can be plugged with your business applications to transform your customer engagement..

Outbound Dialing (Pre recorded Voice Message)

Virtual Mobile Number

Virtual phone numbers enabling users to use as many as 10 different numbers on a single phone.The application comes embedded with the SIM card and offers users to opt for his number whenever the user requires it.The user group will be password protected with each user having his own password to access his phone..

Virtual Mobile Number for Missed Call Alert

Airtel Cloud Communication Platform

Airtel IQ, a cloud-based omni-channel communications platform, enables brands to deepen engagement with customers through timely and secure communication. .

Virtual Reception With Zero Infrastructure & Capex

Video Messages


Smart way of Promotion with Video Messaging

Cloud Services for MSMEs

Airtel Cloud Services


Airtel Public Cloud

VMs - Combination of Cores, RAMs & Storage with OS

AWS Cloud Services by Airtel

Airtel enables your organization to navigate its digital transformation journey, through its deep expertise and integrated products across connectivity, AWS Cloud, security, data centres, and enterprise ecosystem. With Airtel's solutions across Private, Public and Edge cloud, you get a unique partner who is well placed to not only understand the technology landscape, but also understand your business needs to drive business outcomes beyond SLAs.

AWS Public Cloud with Airtel Managed Services

Instances − Combination of Cores, RAMs & Storage with OS

Datacenter Co-Location

Nxtra's colocation services aim to reduce IT complexity for enterprises, ensuring their hardware resources are stored in a secure, Tier-III compliant data center for higher redundancy and uninterrupted productivity..

Tier-III Compliant 10 DCs across country

Co-Lo Rack Space :- 1U - Multiple Racks

Private Cloud Connectivity

Direct Connect(AWS)/Express Route (MS Azure) with Bandwidth raning from 10mbps − 1Gbps .

Direct Connect(AWS)/Express Route (MS Azure)

Bandwidth :- 10mbps - 1Gbps

Collaboration Services for MSMEs

Audio Conferencing

Make business happen over call with Airtel Audio Conferencing with Best in class self care portal, Reliable global connectivity with access from 90 nations, integration with external portals/Passcode protected calls etc having 24X7 Support.

Unlimited Plans

Video Conferencing

Hardware based Video Conferencing solutions from Ploycom and CISCO to meet your conferencing needs.

Unlimited Multiparty VC Fully Managed Hardware

Airtel Bluejeans High Grade - Encryption

Switch to secure video conferencing with Airtel BlueJeans at peace of mind with high-grade security. We prevent unwanted participants from joining meetings and protect end-user privacy. We are hosted in India and offer 24x7 local support. Join meetings with one touch from anywhere, without any need to download software. Access to real-time meeting analytics and live meeting controls. Convenient dial-in options from Airtel.

3 Months - Free Trial

Cisco WebEx

Cisco-Webex service as a one-stop destination for all their conferencing and collaboration requirements. With the Webex platform, Airtel customers will be able to collaborate across multiple audio and video platforms and devices, enabling them to connect seamlessly with remote offices, clients, customers, and employees.

Cisco WebEx Unified Conferencing