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  Easy Footwear P.Ltd   India

Safety Shoes

Products/Services : Safety Shoes

Address: A-B1 Sector-80,  Noida,  UP,  India

Contact No.: 9350828184, 9999623833  


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  Hi-Tech Storage Batteries   India


Products/Services : Shoes

Address: S-35, South of G.T.Road,Indl.Area,  Ghaziabad,  UP,  India

Contact No.: 9810278732, 2840774  

URL: http://www.hsbbatteries.com

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  Mak Industries   India


Products/Services : Boots

Address: Buland Shahar Road,12-1/24 Nai Chungi Behind IMIT,  Hapur,  UP,  India

Contact No.: 9411014038, 01222306691  


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  Sheo Industries   India


Products/Services : Mfgr of shoes

Address: C/8 Indl. Estate,  Cuttack,  Orrisa,  India

Contact No.: 9437021993, 06712340993  

URL: -

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  East West Tanners   India


Products/Services : Mfgr of shoe upper,Boots,Safty Boots Leather Boots Glove,Bag Saddlosy

Address: 104-D Block Defence Colony,Jajmau,  Kanpur,  UP,  India

Contact No.: 9336618643/ 41, 0512 30246969  

URL: http://www.eastwest-group.com

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  Swadeshi Agencies   India


Products/Services : Mfgr of Shoes upper,Boot, Safety Boot,Saddlery,

Address: 88/487 Fahimabad,  Kanpur,  UP,  India

Contact No.: 9235848343, 2545199  

URL: -

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  SGS Securite P.Ltd   India

Safety Footwear

Products/Services : Safety Footwear

Address: 3/1/23 Site-IV, Sahibabad Indl.Area, Sahibabad,  Gaziabad,  UP,  India

Contact No.: 9718585888, 120-4562610  

URL: -

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  Southern Industries   India

Mfgr of Safety Shoe

Products/Services : Mfgr of Safety Shoe

Address: 8,Pagladanga Road,PO.-Dhapa,  Kolkata,  West Bengal,  India

Contact No.: 09433055012, 23232455  

URL: -

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  Zoom Tech Industries   India

Mfgr of Sports Shoes

Products/Services : Mfgr of Sports Shoes

Address: C-85A Sector-8,  Noida,  UP,  India

Contact No.: 9310402111,  

URL: -

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  Lareshwar Polymers Ltd.   India

Mfgr of Canvas shoes & boot rubber sale, canvas shoes with rubber sale,rubber hawai slipper

Products/Services : Mfgr of Canvas shoes & boot rubber sale, canvas shoes with rubber sale,rubber hawai slipper

Address: A-243 A Road no-6 VKI Area,  Jaipur,  Rajasthan,  India

Contact No.: 9829700001, 01414157777  

URL: http://www.leharfootwear.com

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