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Plan Name Gold - B2B Membership
Plan Amount ₹6,000
Service Tax(GST @ 18%) ₹1,080
Total Amount ₹7,080

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Gold Membership Benefits

  • Country Specific Global Tender Notices from World Bank, United Nations, ILO etc.
  • Product & Catalogue self management tool and online support.
  • Business Trade Leads (Buy/Sell)
  • Self Web Development Tool
  • Keyword generation for Search Engine Optimization
  • Sector Specific domestic tender notices.
  • Online Buyers/ Seller Meet.
  • Product specific database search.
  • Virtual exhibition, product gallery
  • Global Trade shows information.
  • Trust seal of NSIC members.
  • Enquiry management.
  • Buy/ Sell old Machinery
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Offer Franchisee/ Distributorship
  • Price alert Watch
  • Request for Quotations