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King Pigeon GSM Alarm Co.,Ltd.

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Office Location: Guangdong

medical alert system for seniors T3
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  • Keywords: medical alert system
  • Other Details: Main unit * 1 ü Wireless fall down detector *1 ü Cuff for measure blood pressure *1 ü AC/DC Power adapter *1, ü User Manual & PC Software CD x1


The T3 GSM 3G Senior Healthcare Helper is an innovation product in the worldwide, special for telecare and teleheath of senior living alone. The Senior Healthcare Helper is for falling down alarm, getup bed, indoor temperature and safety monitoring. also, it inbuilt blood pressure measurement, accept glucose, weight measurement device via USB ports. Then transfer to monitoring center via GPRS or 3G or SMS. When alarm occurrence, will send definition SMS text and dial the user mobile phones. My Skype:HomeAlarmSystem Webpage: