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Company Profile

Ferro Industries is a well-organized and settled company dealing with manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Roll Forming Machines. Our company was incorporated in 1995 and since then we have been a promising and leading company in this arena. We provide finest quality to our customers. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified Company. For best performance, working and customer satisfaction Ferro industries continually analyzes and checks the features of the raw material used for all our products. We try to match up our quality standards with that of international standards. We provide efficient engineering assistance to total steel with the help of Roll Forming. Our Company has provided our services to top industries like JINDALS, TATA, etc. Also, our products are exported to several countries.

Roll Forming can be understood as a process through which several sheets of metal can be shaped. This is done by passing the raw material through several roll passes, which are driven by gear drive system. For instance, with the help of a series of paired rollers, we can convert a strip of metal into desired contour such as channel, or any other shape. This adds rigidity and strength to the metal.

Name:Mr. Yatendra Sharma
Company: Ferro Industries
Location: Ghaziabad
Industry: Roofing Roll Forming Line, Double-Layer Forming Li
Website: roll-formingmachines.com