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Company Profile

Vspectra Communication Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of Secure Communication Solutions for various mission critical applications, ranging from Conventional two way radio to Sophisticated Digital TETRA systems and Terminals, Disaster Recovery, Video Surveillance & Data Centers covering almost all the IT & Telecom needs.

Vspectra has achieved wide acceptance through its brand identity and strategic partnerships with other major OEMs. To achieve such rapid and focused growth, Vspectra relies upon its management team with a combined experience of over a century.

In a developing market place where low costs are the key determinant for success, Vspectra team takes pride in running an efficient operation and keeping the overheads low hence utilizing the resources optimally and efficiently. This is achieved through a highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals focused on cutting edge technology and customer first principle.

Vspectra now has its presence over 4 major metropolises across India, including its corporate headquarters and state of the art testing and repair facility in New Delhi.

In order to have greater market reach, Vspectra is proud to be an active and leading participant in the highly valued DGS & D (Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals) Rate Contract and partnering with various local dealers and distributors carrying our company philosophy ahead. With a team of more than 30 result oriented professionals, Vspectra possesses the backbone and expertise to steer forward progress.

Name:Mr. Dinesh Kumar Pandit
Company: Vspectra Communication Systems.
Location: New Delhi
Industry: Digital Analog Transreceivers, CCTV Surveillance
Website: www.vspectra.com/