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Jiangsu Randeon Chemical Co., Ltd.     

Street Address : At/Post: 148-149 West Gutian Rd, Jiangyan, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, 225500, China

City : Taihzou

Province/State : Jiangsu

Country : China

Phone No.: 86-523-88585288-8017

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Fax : 86-523-88589566

Jiangsu Randeon Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Application: MP resin used for anticorrosion paint ( container, marine & industrial paint) Properties: Good anti-corrosion ability MP resin has good binding property as a result of its special molecular structure in which ester bond is resistance to hydrolysis and combined chlorine atom is very stable. Good stability The existence of each bond gives the moleculars good internal plasticization. So the resins are flexible enough and do not require additional plasticizer. They also will not gradually cracking that caused by migration of plasticizer. Good adhesion MP resin contain copolymer of vinyl chloride ester, which ensure the paints good adhesion on various materials. Good compatibility MP resin is easily compatible with other resins in paints, and can modify and improve the characteristics of paints, which for mulated by drying oils, tars and bitumen. Solubility MP resin is soluble in aromatic and halohydrocarbon, esters, ketones, glycol, ester acetates and some glycol ethers. Compatibility MP resin is compatible with vinyl chloride copolymers, unsaturated polyester resins, cyclohexanone resins and so on. Fireproof Ability MP resin contain chlorine atom, which gives the resins fireproof ability.
Model No : 9
Category : Textile Chemicals
Keywords : chlorinated resin, Laroflex MP
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